Heroines And Comedians Lost Their Side Income

For big stars and happening comedians, actually, they are hell lot of busy with shootings all the time and their remunerations are so high that they don’t need any side income at all. But for the struggling and mid-range ones, shop openings and special live shows help a lot it getting pockets filled. And here is one more thing.

 Actually trips to the USA could be very fruitful for these young heroines and comedians as they make a lot of money by attending various events and festivals organised by Telugu associations. The likes of many struggling heroines and popular TV comedians used to go to the USA, UK and Australia at least once in 3 months and used to make a merry of money. But now, no such events are happening and organisers are not daring the coronavirus to host a few.

Upset with the loss of side income, these heroines and comedians are now looking for more movie and web series offers from the OTT space as mainstream films are yet to go into full-pledged production. Every industry got affected by Covid-19 and it looks like the film industry is no exception. While these heroines and comedians don’t suffer as much as other industry workers, still they lost a good deal of income we have to say.

On the other hand, with many countries re-imposing visa sanctions and implementing a lockdown for the second time, it looks like chances are very bleak for these celebs to get back their side-income popping again

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