Young Hero Taking Revenge On Charan

Young Hero Taking Revenge On Charan

It's a kind of sweetest revenge, if we have to talk about the upcoming movie of music composer GV Prakash, where he's playing the lead role. You might have guessed it already, and Ram Charan's "Bruce Lee" is going to have the punch.

While GV Prakash announced that his upcoming Tamil film is titled "Bruce Lee" and the shooting will start from November, makers of Ram Charan's Bruce Lee haven't worried much. Releasing the Tamil version of the film, they have named it as "Bruce Lee 2" and made it hit cinemas along with Telugu original. Though GV's producers tried to hold Charan's film release for that title, it almost looked impossible for him. Anyway, Charan's "Bruce Lee" has come and will leave theatres in a while.

After completion of his Tamil "Bruce Lee", GV Prakash now wants to extract revenge by releasing the movie's Telugu dubbed version with the title "Bruce Lee 2". Already he has registered the title yet, the youngster feels like it's just a crazy act but nothing sort of revenge.

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