Rajnikanth Mania Takes Malaysia By Storm

Rajnikanth Mania Takes Malaysia By Storm

The moment Superstar took off to Malaysia on Malaysian Airlines plane, it's just this selfie-virus that has bitten the whole of Malay land. That's Rajnikanth folks.

After coming to know that Superstar Rajnikanth is aboard the flight they are piloting, both the Captain and Second Captain of the Malaysian Airlines plane, have shifted the flight to auto-pilot post take off and requested the Indian actor to pose with them for a selfie. The moment he stepped in Malaysia International Airport, authorities of the airport have approached him for selfies. Later a five-star hotel has found that its Rajni who is coming to their guest suite, and despatched a Limousine to pick him.

When the Superstar reached Governor's residence to have a luncheon, from the office staff to relatives of officers and politicians have clicked selfies with Rajni. Kids of schools nearby also requested the ageless stylish actor to pose with them. And what about hotel staff? We hear that the staff are fighting among themselves to take up house-keeping duties for Rajni, and finally three of them managed to get selfies clicked.

What about Malaysian cops who escorted Rajni all the time in and out? Amidst chaos, they too managed to get some snaps with the Superstar as the virus enters everyone's heart and mind. #SuperstarRajni #TheRealOne

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