Pranitha Comes Out Of Pub Business

Though many heroines enter into some sort of business when their career is on the top gear, some come out of it even before they quit the showbiz. While the likes of Shilpa Shetty and Anushka Sharma still own their business that are started long back, the likes of Kajal and Tamanna have given up on their online jewellery business.

A piece of news is coming out that even Bangalore beauty Praneetha Subhash, who is quite popular as Bapu Bomma in Tollywood, has also quit from her only entrepreneurial venture in the same way.

Back in 2015, the actress started a pub much to anyone’s surprise, named Bootlegger, located at Lavelle Road, Bangalore. Even that time, she stated: “Bootlegger is not to save me, but only to satisfy my entrepreneurial thirst”.

Other day, the actress has clarified that actually she has come out of the partnership of Bootlegger and is now looking forward to start some other business. On the other hand, Praneetha is activiely participating in many Covid-19 relief activities as she is helping lots of charity organisations by funding them. Also she is out there in the field to help with the charity work.

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