Police Caught & Fined Sampoornesh Babu

Police Caught & Fined Sampoornesh Babu

Burning star Sampoo is One among hundred. Its not any title of his new film, but he is one among the hundred people who were fined for not abiding traffic rules in Siddipet of Medak district.

Sampoornesh babu is fined with Rs 100 for not tightening the seat belt while driving his car along with 100 other drivers as a part of 27th road safety campaign on Saturday.

It looked like a traffic awareness program until Sampoornesh Babu was clicked getting the fine receipt in all smiles and was as happy as it was an award for his performance. Its more artificial with Sampoo in a Maruthi 800 and collecting the fine receipt as gift receipt.

It must be a kind gesture of our burning star to get caught for this traffic awareness program and in return can get a free publicity?

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