Natyam, Grand Acting Debut By Satyam's D-I-L

Natyam, Grand Acting Debut By Satyam's D-I-L

Coinciding the International Dance Day on the 29th of April, the makers of Natyam, a short film featuring Satyam Ramalinga Raju's daughter-in-law Sandhya Raju, released their film to a great response. Natyam is not only getting a great response from the short film fraternity, but it's also winning laurels from YouTube viewers and Tollywood wallahs.

This 34-minute short film showcases the internal conflict of a young housewife Kalyani, played by Sandhya Raju, as she sacrificed her love upon her father's request and also quit her passion for Kuchipudi dance after  marrying a reputed cardiologist and turning mother to a school going kid.

In the times when Kalyani is losing her  identity and the zing in life, she is inspired by her ex-lover and now an award winning music composer to revive her passion for dance, and is also encouraged by her doting husband later on in her comeback pursuit of giving a national level performance.

Even though it is her debut effort in acting, Sandhya Raju never seemed like a newbie and played Kalyani's emotional turmoil perfectly. Being a Kuchipudi danseuse herself, Sandhya, who runs the Nishrinkala Dance Academy, also composed her dance movements in the final act. Natyam has been produced and directed by Revanth Korukonda.

Watch Natyam short film here