We are not strippers - Nayanatara

We are not strippers - Nayanatara

Top actress Nayanthara, who generally doesn't respond even though innumerable gossips are making rounds about her personal as well as professional life, has reportedly raised her voice against a Tamil director for making derogatory comments on heroines.

During an interview, Tamil director Suraj, who has directed the latest film 'Okkadochadu' starring Vishal and Tamanna, has reportedly said that a heroine's job in a film is nothing but pleasing the money paying audiences by slipping into skimpy outfits and gyrate on silver screen.

Suraj made these comments when asked about Tamanna's excess glamour show in itsy- bitsy costumes in 'Okkadochadu'. The director reportedly said that heroines are getting paid in crores only to make audiences happy and even if a heroine isn't happy or comfortable with the costumes, she must wear them.

The statement of Suraj on heroines' skin show has earned a lot of hatred but no one responded openly. Nayan however has decided to openly condemn the director's remarks. Reportedly, she called his view and comments crass, cheap and vulgar. She added that heroines are not strippers who shed their clothes just because they got paid.

Nayan said that a heroine wears short clothes in commercial films only if the script demands and she is comfortable. 'I have also done my share of glamour show in commercial films not because I was asked by my director to please audience, but because I was convinced with the script's demand. No one has the right to take heroines for granted and make such crass comments,' she added.

Nayanthara is receiving support from all corners for standing up on behalf of all heroines.