Telugu Hero Asked Her To Sleep With Him?

Telugu Hero Asked Her To Sleep With Him?

Yesteryear actress Kasthuri has create a storm in Tollywood by accusing a senior top Telugu hero of sexually harassing her.

Kasthuri,who acted in Telugu films such as Nippu Ravva, Annamayya, Chilakkottudu, Aakasa Veedhilo, Maa Aayana Bangaram etc. said that a Telugu hero was the reason for the abrupt end of her career. She refused to reveal his name.

'I have acted with him in only one film. When I refused to sleep with him, he started treating me badly on the sets. He has very high ego and he doesn't like to hear 'No' from anyone. He even forced me out of two films for not surrendering to his sexual advances,' Kasthuri revealed during an interview given to TimeOfIndia.

Kasthuri has reportedly given this interview after she recently returned to Chennai from the US, where she is settled.

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