Why Everyone Has Fallen On Web Series??

Why Everyone Has Fallen On Web Series??

Telugu industry is one place where a hit film is followed by similar films in a dozen. One Chandramukhi has scored a hit and even now we're witnessing similar stories coming up on the screen every year. Same is the case with this 'web series' thing as it is slowly becoming a trend.

Followed by the success of Konidela Niharika's Muddapappu Avakayi, many enthusiastic filmmakers are eyeing on making a web series to get attention, fame and also money. What's strange in Tollywood is that many noted names are venturing into this. Without putting their names as directors, the likes of Deva Katta and Nandini Reddy are coming up with web series now. Young director Pawan Sadineni who made Savitri with Nara Rohit recently has come up with Pill-A webseries now. What's in this web series really that these makers are too fascinated about it?

Is it too easy to make money? Or too easy to make it? Actually, web series being made by Telugu makers are not getting hefty returns on investment but may help content-creation companies in the long run. They could dub the content into other languages and later sell the content to other platforms. For now, most of the web series makers do produce content for YouTube viewing and slowly everyone is launching their own platforms too.

Anyway, rather focusing on delivering similar content, maybe our makers should experimenting at least in this domain.

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