Bunny In, Mahesh Out, Nani At Safe Distance

Bunny In, Mahesh Out, Nani At Safe Distance

June 23rd is one mega date, which was announced by AR Murugadoss seeking everyone's presence as a guest in "Spyder" theatres. But the equations have changed completely now.

While Allu Arjun has fixed up a super-hot May 2017 release date for his "DJ Duvvada Jagannadham", with speculations around about postponement of Mahesh's film from June, it seems like DJ moved to the same date. Today makers of Allu Arjun's film confirmed that June 23rd is their Brahmin cook's arrival. In a way, that has given a clarity about Mahesh's film postponement as well. Without consulting other teams, definitely Bunny wouldn't have locked this date know. So officially we could now say that Bunny is in and Mahesh is out for that mega date.

Cut to Nani's new film "Ninnu Kori" being directed by newcomer Siva, initially this youngster also wanted to lay his kerchief on June 23rd. But now that Allu Arjun has eyed it, Nani has decided to come two weeks later to avoid unnecessary pressure at the box office. Maintaining that safe distance, Ninnu Kori moved to July 7th release.

While Harish Shankar directorial DJ got a release date clarity, we wonder when will Mahesh and Murugadoss give the same.

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