Sampoo Lied About Name & NRI status!

Sampoo Lied About Name & NRI status!

Sampoornesh Babu aka Burning Star is one of those rare actors who received star status with just one film. Sampoo is a brand today and many filmmakers are vying to make films with him. In a recent interview, he has opened up on the lies that he has told to his fans in the past.

Sampoo recalled that in his earlier interviews, he had claimed that he was an NRI and that he returned to India to make movies investing the money he had earned. He has now confessed that all those were big lies and that he was a very much local guy.

'My real name is Narasimhachari. Before entering films, I used to work at a jewellery shop in my native place, Siddhipet. I still roam on cycle when I go to Siddhipet,' Sampoo revealed.

That's quite a candid revelation from a star.

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