It was Shot in Just 31 Days!

It was Shot in Just 31 Days!

Sudheer Varma directorial Keshava is making all right noise, thanks to its reception at the ticket windows. However, not many are aware of that the film is shot in just 31 working days. While Dohchay was shot in about 75 days, Keshava was less than half of it and turned out to be successful than Dohchay.

Considering that the stylish direction of Sudheer has received critics acclaim, the film being made in such short time and still maintain the style is refreshing welcome. However, Sudheer credits it all to the clarity he has over the script and perfect planning on its execution including locations.

In addition to it, there was no single action scene which was choreographed by any professional stuntman and hence, the action scene/scenes look quite real. Also, there was no single set erected for the film and all locations seen in the film are original. Producer Abhishek said to have blindly trusted in Sudheer Varma and haven't seen a single scene before the film's release other than the scenes, shots shown in trailer.

Looks like, all these efforts of the film's unit have been paid off. Now, the film added to the list of Nikhil's successful films.

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