Balayya Took Social Media Reaction Very Seriously

Till a couple of days back, there is no single response about COVID-19 from Nandamuri Balakrishna, which has actually upset his fans. At a time when the topmost stars of Telugu film industry donated hugely for PM CARES fund, and CM Relief Fund of Telugu states, the senior Nandamuri hero stood pretty silent.

As more and more young stars and even struggling heroes/heroines also contributed their part for the #Corona Crisis Charity set up by Megastar Chiru, fans have urged the Nandamuri star to respond on the donations part. Insiders revealed that the word has reached Balayya, who is actually observing a spiritual time in this lockdown. Taking the request of his fans very seriously, the actor is said to have immediately mobilised things to donate for CCC and Relief Funds of Telugu CMs.

With Balayya doing his part, his fans are very happy right now which is what we could read from their tweets and comments. As Chiranjeevi himself shared the news along with the picture of the cheque sent by Balayya, their delight is endless.

Also, Telugu industry folks are expecting that Balayya’s donation will move some other big stars who are yet to contribute a paisa to the relief funds.