Yuvika Jewelry Shows in Scottsdale & Chandler, AZ

Yuvika Jewelry Shows in Scottsdale & Chandler, AZ

Scottsdale, Arizona
Saturday, July 15th, 11AM to 7PM

Double Tree Resort by Hilton Paradise Valley - Scottsdale
5401 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, Arizona 85250

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Chandler, Arizona
Sunday, July 16th, 11AM to 6PM
Hilton Phoenix/Chandler
2929 W Frye Rd, Chandler, Arizona 85224

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(858) 951-7660

Host a Yuvika jewelry show! Yuvika would be your co-host!  Let's have a get- together to dip in the richness of the unique jewelry collection. You just have to chalk-out your guest list and be ready to have a spectacular view of the jewelry abundance.

The most exciting part is, when you host a Jewelry Show, both you and your guests would receive sparkling rewards. Be a host and enjoy the array of benefits with Yuvika.

FAQ'S on a Private Hosting Jewelry Show:

1)  How do I become Hostess?
- You can call Yuvika at (858) 951-7660 or email to info@yuvika.com or message on Yuvika Facebook page www.facebook.com/YuvikaUSA. A customer service representative will reach you immediately and elaborate the process to you.

2) Do I have to pay to host the Yuvika jewelry show?
- No! It is the opposite.  You will be rewarded for your hospitality and efforts to make the Yuvika jewelry show a great success.

3) How many guests do I invite?
- There is no limit on the number to the guests. However, Yuvika team Fills-in their datebooks with Small, Medium & Large scaled crowd.

4) How does the Host get benefited?
- Yuvika offers different host reward programs at different times.  To find out the current host reward program, please call Yuvika at (858) 951-7660.

5) What would be the duration of the Event?
- The Jewelry Show can last from 1-2 Days depending upon the expected crowd. Jewelry Show timings can last from 11am to 7pm any day.

6) What are my responsibilities as a host?
- Yuvika appreciates that you are offering your home as a venue for Yuvika jewelry show.  The main responsibility would be to tap into your network and spread the word about Yuvika show at your home to the whole community and get as many visitors as possible. On the arrangements side, if you can provide as many tables as possible to display the jewelry that would be great.

Yuvika is conceived, founded and operated by the promoters of Namaste Plaza and 8Elements.

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