Is Taanaji Bollywood's Answer to Baahubali?

Is Taanaji Bollywood's Answer to Baahubali?

Some Bollywood folks predict that the upcoming historical Hindi film 'Taanaji' can be the answer of Bollywood to Baahubali.

After actor Ajay Devgn unveiled the stunning first poster of his new film "Taanaji" on Twitter, netizens started praising it as 'awesome', 'intense', 'mesmerizing', 'epic' etc. Some even wrote that Taanaji will beat Baahubali and reclaim the monopoly of Bollywood.

The poster really looks astonishing but can it match the epicness of Baahubali? Is it so easy to humble Baahubali, an epic 5-year effort of Rajamouli, Prabhas and co? The visionary Ram Gopal Varma has recently said that after witnessing the success of Baahubali, many filmmakers will make foolish efforts to scale it.

Some Bollywood folks who couldn't digest the fact that a Telugu film shattered their records, are vying for a Hindi film that can beat Baahubali. They bet that Taanaji can do that.    

For the unknown,  Subedar Taanaji Malusar aka Taanaji is a prominent figure in the Maratha history. He was a decorated member in Maratha ruler Chhatrapati Shivaji's army.