Viral: University Issues Admit Card for Lord Ganesha

Viral: University Issues Admit Card for Lord Ganesha

A B.Com student was shocked beyond belief when he saw the photo of Lord Ganesha instead of his on the admit card issued for the exams which are scheduled to begin from October 9.

Krishna Kumar Roy, who is pursuing first year B.Com at Lalit Narayan Mithila University in Bihar has reportedly approached the media when the university people showed callous attitude after he had pointed out the grave mistake in his hall ticket.

He claimed that after he had collected the admit card from university's office on Wednesday, he was shocked to see the photo of Lord Ganesha imprinted on it. To his dismay, the name of 'Ganesh' was inscribed in the signature box as well. The residential address also had mistakes.

He told media that he had filled the application form correctly and submitted his photo only. He alleged that although he ran from pillar to post to rectify the mistake, which was not committed by him, the concerned officials didn't listen to his concern.

After the issue went viral on social media, the university management has promised the student to rectify the mistake and issue a new admit card before the exams commence.