Telugu Media Diwali: Big Boss Dominates

Telugu Media Diwali: Big Boss Dominates

If someone made something that deserves TRPs, then we are there. That seems to be the motto of Telugu media right now. Because suddenly those participants of first ever Telugu Big Boss show have become celebrities now, while none cared for them three months before.

When was the last time we saw heroine Archana making a presence in TV channels, Hari Teja invited for special shows and actor Adarsh called in for a celebration? Perhaps we won't find it in any of recent years. Other day, however, these celebs are there all over on Telugu channels and newspapers. Thanks to Big Boss.

While Archana celebrated her Diwali with a popular news channel, another channel invited Adarsh and his wife to celebrate Diwali with them. A..Aa fame Hari Teja appeared on a late night show as well, while Shiva Balaji and his wife are front page couple of a leading newspaper. Needless to say, Big Boss contestants are everyone other day to celebrate the festival of lights.

Had Big Boss not given them such fame, these celebs wouldn't have dominated those top-rated channels to participate in special shows on a festival. So from the next time, Big Boss will get more competition and participation for sure, while our media continues to project the most-rated, for ratings!!

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