Kajal And Tamanna's Honeymoon Started

Kajal And Tamanna's Honeymoon Started

Both the senior starlets are yet to get married, but they have started their honeymoon already. And if you could notice that mehendi on the hands of these two hotties, there is no denying that their marriage is over.

Currently, Tollywood's most celebrated hotties Kajal Agarwal and Tamanna Bhatia are enjoying their time at the French Riveria. Did they go for a joint tour, taking a break from work? No, not at all!

Like it is being said from a long time already, both Kajal's Paris Paris and Tamanna's Telugu film are being shot at the same place. To be more specific, yes, both these girls are shooting for 'Queen' remake in Tamil and Telugu at the same place, near the city of Nice, France. Enjoying the stay at Villa La Maresque they are said to be having a gala time.

In case if you're wondering, why that Mehendi on hands, the film is about a girl who goes to honeymoon even after her marriage gets halted hours before the wedding. She goes to the honeymoon all alone and then discovers herself. While Tamanna shared her mehendi pic before she landed in Nice in an airplane, Kajal has flaunted her hot curves in a white spaghetti and jeans.

And, Kannada 'Queen' heroine Parul Yadav also wore mehendi and landed in Nice along with Tamanna. Yes, she too with Mehendi, and for a honeymoon.

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