Review: Mana Mugguri Love Story

Review: Mana Mugguri Love Story

Directed by Shashank Yeleti, the man behind the super hit Adventure thriller Sahasam and soothingly romantic Prayanam films, "Mana Mugguri Love Story (MMLS)" is light-hearted Comedy Web Series form the house of YuppTV.

YuppTV has previously come up with a comedy Web Series "Endukila" which is the first of its kind executed with Cinematic excellence. MMLS is launched on YuppFlix in India today and here is our review of it.

The plot

This is the story of a Girl from Vijayawada who comes to Hyderabad to escape from the marriage-obsessed mother. The girl who wants to enjoy her life to the fullest while she is free develops a feeling towards his Boss and a Radio Jockey. Being two completely contrast characters both reciprocate her feelings which leaves her in a position where she must choose one. The way she handles the situations and the conclusion that she arrives at makes up for the series.


Tejaswi Madivada portraying the lead role of Swathi is the breath of the film. Navdeep and Adith Arun who are the lead male actors freshen up the screen with their lively performances every time they appear. The bad roommate character played by Mounima CH is a splendid one. The comedy generators of the series Hemanth, Dhanraj, Ravi Teja are mention worthy and lived up to their names.


While the concept of falling in love with two different guys simultaneously is a fresh one, the burden to satisfy all kinds of the audience is mildly visible in some of the sequences. Majority of the comedy scenes are fresh but slightly deviate towards the norm.

The production values and the conscientious screenplay are top notch. Background music is calm and is in sync with the scenes.

Thumbs Up

Tejaswi Madivada

Thumbs Down



The lead character of Swathi is beautifully created and developed. It never goes out of character and is always synchronous to a normal girl's life. The portrayal by Tejaswi Madivada was extraordinary. She has led the audience to believe that she is Swathi which kept the relatability alive all along.

The sharp contrast between the two male lead actor's characters Surya (played by Navdeep) who is a Smart, Sensible and Safe Guy and Rishi (Played by Adith Arun) who is Adventurous and Carefree, built another bridge of relatability since this is the choice that most of the girls are faced with.

The regular office atmosphere and the typical City lifestyle adjustment process of a girl from a small town strikes a chord with most of the working audience. Though this can be a backdrop for other classes of the audience, it also excites them giving them a taste of what a Corporate office is going to be like. Also, the bad roommate and the crazy cousin characters give us a cozy feel to continue the series until the end.

The small 15-20- minute episodes though lag at some points is precise to a large extent. The skilled direction and the crispness of the scenes make it a good watch for college going and working audiences.

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