Pawan's Reaction After Agnyaathavaasi Release

Pawan's Reaction After Agnyaathavaasi Release

Despite a roaring opening at marquee, Pawan Kalyan's landmark 25th film has got a divide talk. With the film's second half turning out to be a damp squib, the film failed to attract the critics and Pawan's fans.

However, here is our exclusive - Pawan's reaction on the mixed talk for Agnyaathavaasi. As per the inside buzz, Pawan is said to be stoic silent over the reaction and doesn't want anyone to comment as he feels it is too early.

He apparently directed everyone in the team to put maximum efforts in promoting the film till the last day of its run at cinemas and wants to see where the film finally ends. Later on, he is expected to take a final call depending on then situation.

Meanwhile, Pawan is said to be most thankful to audience for their immense love and support that was clearly proved with the thunderous openings across the globe. Surpassing all the non-Baahubali records, the first Day record of Agnyaathavaasi is only next to Baahubali 2.

Already, Pawan had wholeheartedly thanked all the audiences in overseas for their never-ending love for the huge release of his film in over 576-plus locations. Now, he is of the opinion that he is so indebted to all the unconditional love of his fans across the world. He may soon thank all the audiences who watched the film and supported him, film's makers.

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