Agnyaathavaasi: Venkatesh Scenes to be Added from Tomorrow

Agnyaathavaasi: Venkatesh Scenes to be Added from Tomorrow

Here comes the final card from the deck of Agnyaathavaasi makers. They have just announced that the withheld scenes featuring senior hero Venkatesh's special appearance in the film will be added to the film from tomorrow.

They have released the making video of Venky and Pawan dubbing together for that particular scene in the presence of Trivikram. The video looks quite humorous, will the original be as humorous on the big screen too? Will it make any impact as the film has already been written off? Most importantly, who will bear the entire spineless film just for the sake of a few minutes cameo?

We hear that makers have decided to chop off a couple of scenes from the theatrical version besides adding scenes featuring Venkatesh. The new version will be played in all the theatres that screen the film from tomorrow. It needs to be seen if the final effort of Agnyaathavaasi makers can add any benefit to the already dead horse?

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