Will Tarun Bounce Back?

Will Tarun Bounce Back?

Tarun was one of the successful heroes who has inspired several youths. He had several hit films under his belt. However, that phase is passe. And he is now returning after a long gap with a youthful love story. Romance has been Tarun's forte and the film's promos are a bit interesting coupled with Tarun's promotional tour in colleges. Apart from the wide release in USA (60 locations), the film also features noted face Oviya (Bigg Boss fame) as his female lead.  All these things have together made his latest offering Idi Na Love Story to look up to it.

With the film hitting the marquee for this Valentines' Day, Tarun is said to be pinning high hopes on the film. The other day at the film's pre-release function too Tarun sounded very confident and look composed.

Amidst his track record, Idi Na Love Story is a like a now or never film for Tarun. Will Tarun bounce back?

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