Tamanna Cries Foul On Yellow Journalism

Tamanna Cries Foul On Yellow Journalism

Recently milky siren Tamanna Bhatia is very much in the news for her comments made on the lives of heroines. Apparently, she's said to have quoted that being a heroine is not an easy task and that involves giving up of many pleasures.

At the same time, we have many rumours coming on this heroine saying that she's frequently reaching out to many heroes and producers, asking them to cast her. Also, she informed them about her slashed price as well. But here is the big shocker.

Today Tamanna took to her social media to say that journalists should do their homework before quoting her. She stated that they are misquoting her with the interviews she never gave and also writing some excerpts from interviews which are out of context. So what is Tamanna really talking about? Is she saying that all of her latest interviews are false?

In a hasty call, Tamanna accused media that they are using her words for TRPs. She gave a call for yellow journalism to be stopped. Rather giving such bold statement, can our milky siren be specific on any particular news she is condemning?

Her statement reads:

They say ignorance is bliss but i find yours rather disturbing! I often wonder why scribes don't do their homework well before publishing articles. Isn't it fair to validate information and reach out to the artiste in question before publishing it or is imprecise sensationalism the new it word? The next time you'd like to publish something about me, please be responsible enough and reach out to me for my perspective. Don't misquote me with interviews i never gave or quote interview excerpts out of context, just for the trp! Yellow journalism needs to stop.