Exclusive: NTR Will Flaunt Muscles In Khaki

Exclusive: NTR Will Flaunt Muscles In Khaki

Young Tiger Jr NTR is in Los Angeles right now, observing some of the latest styles in the fashion world, such that he will transform himself into an uber cool guy for Trivikram's movie and also for his mega-Nandamuri multistarrer with Rajamouli. Here is an interesting snippet we're hearing from people close to him.

One may wonder why Junior went all the way to America along with Charan for a photo shoot. Like we said already, while Charan will work on his new look for Rajamouli and Boyapati's films, NTR is also doing the same. And there is a similarity between the roles he's playing in Rajamouli and Trivikram's films.

In both the films, sources say, Tarak will be seen wearing a khaki dress only. He might play an army movie in Trivikram's movie, but he's likely to appear as a police officer in Rajamouli's film, the reports revealed. To carve out the best physique for both the roles, he's said to be taking a special sort of training in Los Angeles for next days.

Already NTR is being trained by London based trainer Lloyd Stevens whose recent work on Ranveer Singh's body for Allauddin Khilji role in Padmaavat movie garnered huge appreciation. So wait for NTR to flaunt his exaggerated muscles by ripping his khaki shirt off, twice.

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