Mega Hero Inspired By Chiru's 10 Flops

Mega Hero Inspired By Chiru's 10 Flops

For any star hero, there is one period where a string of flops always stung them hard. And the merit of those stars lies in how they bounce back. While some biggies like Chiranjeevi and Balayya bounced back, there are other stars who failed to reclaim their box office status and took other routes.

Right now one young hero is said to be taking inspiration from Megastar Chiranjeevi when it comes to reeling with flops and bouncing back. He is none other than mega menalludu Sai Dharam Tej whose recent films including Thikka, Winner, Jawaan and Inttelligent turned up duds at the box office. And when some quizzes about the flop mania, he has a 'sutra' to share.

Recently when Sai Dharam is shooting for his next under Karunakaran's direction, we hear that someone has expressed sympathy on the actor for scoring back to back flops. However, the talented hero immediately reminded them of how Chiranjeevi bounced back after scoring nearly 10 flops before Hitler. So menalludu is expecting that he will also bounce back strongly no matter what.

After a blockbuster like Gharana Mogudu, Chiru has movies like Aaj Ka Goonda Raj, Apathbandavudu, Muta Mestri, Mechanic Alludu, Mugguru Monagallu, SP Parasuram, The Gentleman, Alluda Majaka, Big Boss and Rikshavodu hitting cinemas from 1992-95 before Hitler released. Out of them, only Muta Mestri did well but others misfired big time. But after Hitler, Chiranjeevi never had such a rough patch.

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