They Want Sexy Mothers And Hot Sisters

They Want Sexy Mothers And Hot Sisters

Recently a young hero whose films does considerably well at the box office has slipped his tongue about selecting other cast of his films. He unexpectedly told that he has handpicked everyone and later tried to cover it saying that the director picked them all and he okayed that choice. This uncovers a big habit of Telugu film industry.

When we checked with a couple of experienced production managers who work on films of big and small heroes, they revealed that somehow Tollywood is quite patriarchal. And that too a hero will control everything even if that is a Dil Raju's movie or any new producer's debut movie.

Talking about a couple of heroes, they have narrated an incident. When a young and happening hero was told by his director that they picked Jayasudha as his mom, the hero is not happy. Because he feels that she's too aged and he want a mom who looks stylish and sexy. What? Yes, it is sexy, you read it right. He rejected even names like Tulasi, Pavithra Lokesh and Sudha also. Then he bounced quite a few names of character artists, who are of course sexy anyway.

And then, another hero has to pick up a girl for his sister's role and he's quite adamant about picking a girl who looks damn hot. In the end, the sister character is just limited to standing next to him in few scenes, and how does her hotness matters?

Rather focusing on scene content and how they are carrying the film on shoulders, if heroes put their nose into casting, how will those projects shine?

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