Those Five Pivotal Characters in Rangasthalam

Those Five Pivotal Characters in Rangasthalam

Director Sukumar's "Rangasthalam" is getting its final touches as the patchwork shoot is also wrapped and the creative maker busy with locking the final version of the script. Here is an interesting snippet about the movie.

Apparently, the film has five pivotal characters and the whole story that takes place in the village of Rangasthalam revolves around them. While Chittababu and Rama Lakshmi are the big protagonists, played by Ram Charan and Samantha, there are three more important roles. Out of them, one is played by Aaadi who will be seen as the brother of the hero and other one is the villain role played by Jagapathi Babu. At the same time, anchor Anasuya's role is also said to be crucial to the movie.

Especially the combination scenes of Charan and Jagapathi Babu, and Charan-Sam and Anasuya, are said to be a highlight of the movie. A report from editing lab reveals that Charan will be showcasing a never before acting prowess in this film where he excelled in brewing and throwing all types of emotions to the peaks.

Some say that leaving Charan and Samantha, if a Best Supporting Actor award has to be given, it should be given to all the three, Jagapathi, Aadi and Anasuya. Like the way all those girls in Chak De got a single "Best Supporting Actor" award together back then, let's see if Rangasthalam team also rocks.

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