Nagarjuna's Film Remains Unsold!

Nagarjuna's Film Remains Unsold!

Barring 'Om Namo Venkatesaya', all of Nagarjuna's films have done reasonably well to very well at box office in the past few years. Despite this commendable track record, his new film, "Officer" remains unsold, all thanks to Ram Gopal Varma.

It is heard that buyers are not keen to own the theatrical rights of "Officer". They can't be blamed, can they? such is the track record of RGV. Although there is a positive feel that he might have made a reasonably good film because he worked with a star hero after a long time, the result of his recently released 'Sarkar 3' starring Amitabh Bachchan kills that small hope too.

Making the matter worse, the stills and posters of "Officer" look jaded, remind of the recent 'masterpieces' he has made. Nag's trademark glamour is also missing in the stills. To summarize, "Officer" looks like and is being considered as a RGV film but not a Nagarjuna starrer. Hence, buyers don't seem interested to invest on this cop film. The current plan of makers is to go for own release if they don't get desired deals.

Since "Officer" brings back the combo of cult film, "Shiva", it was expected to create buzz in trade and among audience, but the reality is quite shocking.

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