Even After Sleeping With Them, Telugu Girls Are Looked Down

Even After Sleeping With Them, Telugu Girls Are Looked Down

"If we don't sleep with producers and directors, there is no way Telugu girls will get offers here" affirms actress Sri Reddy Mallidi alias Srilekha, who has appeared in films like A Film By Aravind 2, talking about the situation in Tollywood regarding the hyped 'casting couch'. She says it upright, yes there is casting couch and it is so stronger.

"There are instances where some directors said that a film is stalled after sleeping with him. Some demand that we need to sleep with producer and cameraman also, in order to get the opportunity. In the end, they give a single scene. Even after sleeping with them, Telugu girls are looked down" she stressed, as she spoke about the poor situations flourishing in Tollywood.

She added, "That's the reason why many Telugu girls don't come to the industry. That's why there are not many Telugu heroines here. Only those who get crumpled between the bed sheets will get chances here. I know this is the case about many big heroines but won't reveal them on camera". she added.

Talking about her hottest posts on social media where she indulges in huge skin show, Sri Reddy says it is her way to grab attention. "Why wouldn't I eat well if not for the hottest body? Why would I expose so much skin in my pictures if not to grab chances? But, where are offers for me? They won't give", she remarks.

She confirmed that many Telugu heroines are maintaining diet, sexy physique and also getting trained in acting but still our big heroes like Pawan Kalyan or anyone is not offering them a single chance. We have to see how Tollywood responds to her outburst.

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