NTR & ANR at Jubilee hills, @40 years ago

NTR & ANR at Jubilee hills, @40 years ago

How has Hyderabad city changed in last four decades? - particularly the Jubilee Hills area where several residences and studios of our film celebrities exist.

If you look at this vintage picture of legendary actors NTR and ANR, tweeted by Akkineni Nagarjuna, you must be wondering how it is related to Hyderabad city. But, this road in picture leads to the busy Jubilee Hills Check post (now) and wall in the left is KBR park wall. Now, can you guess what's on the right side? -Annapurna Studios. Shocking and surprising, isn't it?

This old photo is expected to be from the 1978 film 'Rama Krishnulu' directed by VB Rajendra Prasad. From this photo, one can assume how Hyderabad has transformed from a 'no man' area to a world-class city. Thanks to both the actors in picture, for being instrumental in shifting the film industry from Chennai to Hyderabad.

Akkineni Nagarjuna, who posted the photo on his Twitter page, recalled how Hyderabad has transformed as a busiest city now. He tweeted, 'Blast from the past!!!the legends NTR & ANR That's the kbr park wall on the left and Annapurna studios on the right , the road leads to today's buzzing Jublee hills check post...isn't that cool'

With massive comments and retweets, the picture is going viral on social media and everyone are thrilled to look at it.