Reason behind Nagababu’s Drastic Weight Loss To Come Out

One of the most shocking aspects of mega brother Nagababu is the way he lost his weight. Just a year ago, when he was seen contesting on Janasena ticket, the actor looked in one way. But now, he lost oodles of weight as if he went through something like bariatric surgery. So what’s the truth about it?

After looking at Nagababu in the videos he uploads on his YouTube Channel, and also in the pictures shared by his kids, Varun Tej and Niharika, he not only looked lean but also lost almost all the hair on his head. Many are wondering if everything is well with the mega brother’s health as he lost huge weight all of a sudden.

Responding on the same, Nagababu stated that he has punished his body through some natural ways he found out, and that resulted in the drastic weight loss. And he is said to be on a diet till July, after which he’s likely to come up with videos on how he lost weight and the ways he undertook to attain this sleek figure.

We wonder what is that mantra, but then, losing 30-40 kgs of weight in a short span is not at all a healthy idea, no matter what the procedure is.

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