Rangasthalam Lip Lock: It's Not True A Kiss

Rangasthalam Lip Lock: It's Not True A Kiss

"It's not a true lip kiss. I just kissed Charan on his cheek. But the camera angle made it felt like it is a lip lock. It's a cheating shot" says Samantha, who started promoting "Rangasthalam" from last day.

After returning from her two-week vacation in the USA, the actress made sure that she will promote her movie like all the time. Immediately she turned up in her spiciest avatar and asked journalists to shoot the questions. And when quizzed about the lip kiss, her answer is little 'strong' too.

"When you could ask married heroines about a lip kiss, why don't you easily bounce the same question to a married hero? Why that gap between heroes and heroines?" she questioned, albeit laughingly. Then she confirmed that liplock is something that has to do with the scene and content, not something they do just like that.

"It's a type of profession we are in where the scene demands something. And the director convinced me well that a lip lock is indeed needed. He told me, if you like it, we'll do. And I felt like the scene really needs it. So what's the deal here?", she stressed, confirming that it is one of the best scenes of the film.

If not Samantha, definitely other hotties would have tumbled a bit to answer such questions.

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