Can't Forget Those Three Reactions -Charan

Can't Forget Those Three Reactions -Charan

Rangasthalam 'Vijayotsavam' event has turned into a paradise of short speeches, with almost every celebrity limiting their reactions to very short times. And then, Mega Powerstar Ram Charan also resorted to a similar speech.

Thanking Sukumar for giving a film of a lifetime, Charan stated that he can't forget reactions of three people after watching Rangasthalam. "My dad and mom first shocked me with their reactions. While dad stated that he has seen a new me in terms of acting and everything, mom didn't speak for two minutes. She made me sit beside her and took time to sink in the feelings" said Charan, talking about two reactions. What's the third one?

"When I'm about to call Babai to watch the movie, he himself called me to his home. After he appreciated me for the film, I asked him to watch the film. He said no to a screen at his home and also at preview theatre. He revealed his desire to watch the film amidst crowds. Imagine my feeling then, I can't forget it even now" said Ram Charan.

Praising all his co-actors and technicians, Ram Charan confirmed that he's not going to forget this film for a lifetime, adding, "I can't speak more when there is Babai in front of me and fans out there".

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