Oops! Pawan-Trivikram Beat LIE Records

Oops! Pawan-Trivikram Beat LIE Records

Naturally, we expect the presence of big names of Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram bring more attention to a project but it looks like "Agnyaathavaasi" effect is still refusing to die. And the figures being posted by the duo's latest 'presentation' for Nitin, "Chal Mohan Ranga", is an example of it.    

Despite Pawan's first production and Trivikram's story, this film directed by Krishna Chaitanya failed to impress both audiences and critics. Guess what, the film's collections are now beating Nitin's all-time disaster "LIE" when it comes to the box-office figures. With a pre-release business of around 20 crores, Chal Mohan Ranga collected 7.5 crores 'share' from its first weekend. On that note we have to say, Nitin's LIE is better because it made almost 8.7+ crores after the first weekend despite getting such disastrous talk.

LIE is also valued at around 22+ crores for theatricals and failed to recover at least half of it, as the film got only 9.45 crores share in the final run. Seems like Pawan-Trivikram combo is likely to give a much bigger blow to Nitin than LIE now.

High time Nitin thinks carefully about the choices of scripts he's picking. Probably he needs another Ishq moment for him.

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