Pawan Fans Shifted To Ram Charan?

Pawan Fans Shifted To Ram Charan?

Pawan Kalyan rarely displays his emotions in public. While Pawan gives emotionally charged speeches in his political meetings, his speeches at film events are mostly short, timid and vague.

But all that has changed now. Pawan's 25 minute long speech at Rangasthalam's success function last night pleasantly surprised not only his hardcore fans but the entire film industry. Not only did he speak at length about how much he liked Rangasthalam, but he also showed how deeply he loves Charan.

In fact, Charan thought that his Babai will only speak a few lines after he watched the movie recently. But surprising everyone, Pawan told the media that he will talk more at the film's success meet. And Power Star did not disappoint anyone.

Pawan was all praise for Ram Charan's wholesome performance in Rangasthalam and his humble behaviour off-screen. He even kissed Charan on his forehead and went on to call him his brother. Needless to say, the Pawan-Charan affection thrilled the fans of both the stars.

Pawan's fans openly support even an outside hero like Nithiin because he is an ardent fan of Pawan. Now that Pawan's fans have witnessed the Babai-Abbay bonding, they will naturally be extending their full support to Ram Charan from now on. Charan may even emerge as Pawan's true heir as the Power Star has quit acting to pursue politics. All in all, we can surely come to the conclusion that a grand merger of Pawan fans and Mega fanshas begun.

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