Yet Another Star Director In Sri Reddy Leaks

Yet Another Star Director In Sri Reddy Leaks

It looks like the wildfire lit by the sensational #SriReddyLeaks will not douse any soon. Just when everyone thought Sri Reddy will calm down as she finally filed a police complaint against her abusers, the actress is said to be readying herself to break yet another major scandal.

As per close sources, Sri Reddy will soon be going public with a few scandalous pictures which will show her in compromising positions with a star director. Apparently, Sri Reddy clicked these pictures discreetly when she met the director at his personal office long back.

The director in question has worked with all the top stars in the past and is currently gearing up to direct a landmark project of a star hero. He is known for his stylish public appearances and his behavior with the women in the industry was never in question. Well, for now, let's all wait to see what Sri Reddy has in store this time around.

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