'Pawan Needs Bengal Girls for Massage'

'Pawan Needs Bengal Girls for Massage'

The casting couch allegations have taken a new route in the Telugu film industry. Slowly started from singers, producers, directors, small-time technicians, production people, the focus has now shifted to big stars.

The latest is that some shocking allegations prop up on none other than Pawan Kalyan during a round table conference over the casting couch, sexual abuse in Tollywood. A woman from film industry has leveled some serious allegations on Pawan that he get massage from Bengal girls. Asking every woman in the film industry and outside industry not to vote for Pawan, she accused Pawan of encouraging non-native girls and thus effecting the prospects of Telugu actresses.

The woman asked that how can Pawan buy a 2 acre land in Amaravati and building a sprawling building? "Where did all the money come from? Certainly, it is not what he had earned from film industry. He has been taking package"

While the woman was verbally attacking Pawan, the women surrounding her in the round table discussion have been supporting her statements through claps. This has come as a shocker to Pawan's die-hard fans.

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