Mahesh Kathi Slams Pawan Kalyan, But Follows Him

Mahesh Kathi Slams Pawan Kalyan, But Follows Him

In what sounds pretty funny, the man who accused that Pawan Kalyan is ignorant of what he's speaking is now saying that he will follow the Janasena President's advice only. Here comes the mega puppetry of critic Mahesh Kathi, that stunned many netizens.

With allegations surfacing against him as a small-time actress Sunitha accused Mahesh Kathi of forcing her for sex at his flat, the critic breathed fire. Unlike talking all this on a TV channel, he took to his Facebook Live to share a video accusing Konidela Productions of sending this Sunitha against him.

Mahesh Kathi asks if the lady accusing him is having any 'substantial evidence' to make those allegations. As she supported Vaakada Appa Rao, the executive producer of Mega family's Konidela Productions, Kathi says he's getting doubt if the plan is engineered by Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan to malign his image. Quite a joke this is, but here is the punch.

"Pawan Kalyan asked everyone to go to courts and police. Yes, I'm doing it now. I won't speak this in media or TV channels because my lawyer advised me not to do so. I want to file a defamation case now, and gathering money to do that" said Mahesh Kathi in his video.

After criticising that Pawan's advice to the victims is the worst ever thing to do by a politician, how come Mahesh Kathi is following it, is the question now.

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