What The F? Pawan Bengali Girls, Jeevitha Hostel Girls

What The F? Pawan Bengali Girls, Jeevitha Hostel Girls

"Pawan Kalyan gets Bengali girls to get massages" "Jeevitha sends hostel girls to her husband Rajasekhar" "Director scolded me, Mahesh Babu didn't respond". These are the biggest statements being aired on TV from last two days. They are bigger not because they are made by some persons with sanctity, but they are made against bigger persons. And that's where people think, what the fun? in making such allegations.

Of late, creating 'sensationalism' became the only element in media to get TRPs and almost everyone is banking on that. And they bring some faces that are even not known to audiences and make them sling mud on big celebs. Boom!! You get the TRPs. And when similar allegations are thrown on 'media folks' they simply discontinue that debate and send the 'guest' out of the TV station. But what makes these statements more damaging to others than to the celebs whose names popped up is, biggies are always in a safe zone with their worshippers outshining the haters.

And now, all these big celebs who are being nailed by these unknown faces will be safe. Because this is the country where a politician facing lakhs of crore scam cases will be elected to parliament. So the fan-bases of these celebs will be intact and nothing happens to them. But other small-time actors and producers, who are genuinely into the trade, will face all the heat and inspection.

On a concluding note, Film Industry is the type of business that needs individuals to practice ethics and self-regulation. It can't be made to run on guidelines, saying that Telugu people should be given 70% opportunities and people from certain caste should get a role with more than 15 minutes length. Think about it!!

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