Sri Reddy Told Me 1 Year Back, 'Let's Play With Abhiram'

Sri Reddy Told Me 1 Year Back, 'Let's Play With Abhiram'

Actress Gayatri Gupta who has shot to fame with "Fidaa" where she played the role of Sai Pallavi's friend, is the first person in the recent times to talk about Casting Couch. She's the one who revealed a year ago that it is happening in Film industry as few cheap fellows are resorting it.

But the actress is not in a mood to support Sri Reddy and her filthy comments being made on Pawan Kalyan and also on Tollywood. "Sri Reddy took a right thing by slapping herself for calling Pawan Kalyan as anna. Because she's not even eligible to utter his name. Who are you to blame and abuse Pawan with your words" she asked.

An interesting thing is that both Sri Reddy and Gayatri Gupta, who are both trying their luck as actresses long back, are actually colleagues at Sakshi TV. "Sri Reddy was kicked out from Sakshi due to her bad attitude and sleazy behaviour. But we're not friends then. Everyone in the industry knows why is she sent out of the channel", said Gayatri.

There came a shocking revelation from this actress now. "Actually a year back I've met Sri Reddy at a party and then she showed me her pictures with Abhiram. Then she said to me, "Hey we could play with Abhiram now as I have these pictures". And that explains what Sri Reddy's character is", Gayathri Gupta added, saying that Sri Reddy's agenda is to blackmail people.

As part of her interview given to YouTube channels and during her debate on Mahaa TV, Gayathri Gupta made these shocking comments.