Chandrababu's Deadly Warning To Rapists

Chandrababu's Deadly Warning To Rapists

Making a strong pitch against the sexual assaults on women, AP CM Chandrababu Naidu warned that people who are guilty against crimes on women wouldn't be spared and it would be their last day of life. Talking about the strict laws and referring to the ordinance of death punishment for convicted in rapes of children after recent Kathua and Unnao incidents, Naidu said AP would implement the ordinance in crime against children and women.

Chandrababu has met the 9-yr-old victim and her family on Friday night and said government would stand by victim's family and provide necessary support to them. He said he has immediately deployed 17 teams of police personnel to resolve the case and said the case has been solved in 48 hours. He said no one who does crimes against women, children could get away with the acts and said government will not spare any such persons. Chandrababu said the laws will turn more strict. He said massive rallies to create awareness among public will be conducted to know people that whoever does such heinous acts wouldn't be spared. Naidu advised parents and family heads to raise boys, men with utmost care so that they wouldn't resort to such acts.

Meanwhile, 50-yr-old rickshaw puller Rama Subbayya who raped 9-yr-old girl in Dachepalli committed suicide by hanging himself to a tree. His body was found later. A telephonic conversation between the accused and his relative revealed Subbayya admitted his act and committed suicide with guilty.

'YCP Doing Nasty Politics'

Attacking Opposition YSRCP over its "dirty" and "nasty" politics over rape incidents, Chandrababu said political parties should conduct themselves well in such sensitive issues. He blamed YSRCP for doing dirty politics in Dachepalli rape incident.

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