Telugu Heroine Accuses Telugu Directors!

Telugu Heroine Accuses Telugu Directors!

Telugu girl Sri Divya, who shot to fame in Telugu films such as Bus Stop and Mallela Theeram Lo Sirimalle Puvvu, has taken pot shots at Telugu filmmakers albeit in an objective manner.

Making her intentions to act in more Telugu films clear, Sri Divya made an open appeal to all Telugu directors, producers to cast more Telugu talent in films. She said she has been doing well in Tamil films, but evinced her interest to be part of Telugu films being a Telugu girl who can speak the language well.

Although Divya is speaking on the similar lines of controversial actress Sri Reddy, Divya has communicated in a non-controversial way which is catching the attention of audiences. What's more? Divya even sent signals that she is not confined to traditional roles, but even open for glamour roles. She has shared the pics from her latest photoshoot with Telugu media.

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