Puri Takes Dig At Critics, Thanks Balayya

Puri Takes Dig At Critics, Thanks Balayya

"When I'm doing similar masala films, they say that I'm making the same movies. Now when I moved away and tried something new, they are saying that Puri mark is massed", said Puri Jagan, taking a jibe at critics, while speaking at "Mehbooba" success meet.

Puri Jagan felt that the film is a genuine product from him and want the support of audiences to make it more successful. "I've done a genuine love story for the first time without usual comedy and item songs. In my career, this is the first best film I've done it wholeheartedly" he added. But here is another point Puri highlighted.

"I never got chance to thank Balakrishna garu for his support. During the making of the movie, he used to call me now and then to inquire about the progress. He has always been a pillar of support and I had never expected that he would give such value to friendship. Thank you, sir. Jai Balayya" said Puri, in an elated tone.

He further added, "I'm happy that they wrote great words about Akash even though they gave a bad review of the film. The audience with whom I've watched the film with, whether in USA or here, they all are super excited about the movie. Currently, Mehbooba needs the support of everyone, so please support us".

Forget about what critics say or what Puri Jagan says, but what are the numbers saying about his Indo-Pak love story? In the last weekend, the film collected 51 lakhs nett from all the multiplexes in Telugu states. That's good, but not enough.

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