Salman Khan Copies Prabhas' Saaho Stunts

Salman Khan Copies Prabhas' Saaho Stunts

Every year Salman Khan makes sure that the Ramzan season will get his touch by making sure that his film will release on Eid eve. This year he's coming up with "Race 3" whose trailer got released other day. Here is an interesting snippet.

Sometime back when "Saaho" teaser is released by its Telugu producers, there is a shot that amazed many. At the end of the teaser, a guy in a fully-body gliding suit jumps from the edge of a skyscraper and cuts the air with style. Many assumed that the guy in the suit is none other than Prabhas. And now, Salman Khan is seen wearing a gliding suit in a similar fashion, and also showcased his face through graphics in "Race 3" trailer.

Looking at this stuff, many say that Salman has copied some ideas of "Saaho". Also, an internal talk is that actually, the makers of "Saaho" wanted to create the scene where the hero will hold a running (swiveling) bike with one hand and fire gun with another hand. But Salman did that scene in Race 3 already.

Though Saaho is set for 2019 release, definitely if Salman Khan picks up similar stunts in Race 3, Bollywood folks might later comment that Prabhas did some copied stunts. This is said to be worrying Saaho team at the moment.

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