Samantha Gets Best Ratings As A Bride

Samantha Gets Best Ratings As A Bride

This is the season where many top starlets have tied the knot. Many of them are the top gear of their career but still, they don't want to miss out that spice in personal lives. Starting with Samantha, we have Anushka Sharma, Sonam Kapoor and Neha Dhupia tying the knot in the recent times.

A Bollywood media house has now conducted a poll to find out whose bridal look has impressed netizens more. We do know that Samantha got wedded twice, once as per Hindu traditions and another one in Christian customs, and flaunted the best of her looks on both the occasions. And Samantha's Hindu bride look is now pitted against Sonam, Anushka and Neha's looks.

While both Sonam and Anushka rocked in lehengas, Samantha turned up in a saree that day like a South Indian girl. Sonam's flashy red ghagra crafted by a famous designer, and Anushka's designer lehenga with a touch of purple flowers got attention. However, netizens felt that the golden pattu saree of Samantha wore over a dark red blouse is the best look. After Samantha, netizens liked Anushka's bridal look.

But what is great about these starlets is that they are all continuing to act even after marriage, breaking all the stereotypes.

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