Nela Ticket Trailer: Strictly For Masses

Here is the trailer of Nela Ticket which promises a regular potboiler laced with usual commercial elements. Going by the 2-minute-odd trailer, Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja has banked heavily on fights, comedy, romantic and sentiment scenes. Looks like, the makers have banked on slapping scenes to evoke fun, humour. Director Kalyan Krishna Kurasala seems to have opted for a safe bet with the film.

The face-off scenes between baddie Jagapathi Babu and Ravi Teja seem a bit done to death. Jagapathi Babu looks stylish, menacing though as how he looks in his other films. Newcomer Malvika Sharma is refreshing but she looks so young alongside Ravi Teja. Fidaa fame Shaktikanth Karthick seems to have delivered what is needed. Visuals are alright.

On the whole, the trailer lives up to the title of the film that aims strictly at masses. But one has to wait till May 25 to see whether the film would crack any fire works to masses or not.

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