Trolls Attack On Aishwarya Rai's Kiss

Trolls Attack On Aishwarya Rai's Kiss

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan kissed her daughter Aaradhya on her lips cat Cannes, on the occasion of Mother's day and she shared the same on her new Instagram account, quoting "LOVE YOUUNCONDITIONALLY Happiest Mama in the World".

Many found it adorable and called it the purest love, but there are equal number of people who found it 'gross' and 'inappropriate'. This argument is not new, but mixed reactions and trolls on internet are bringing out the same old discussion, which fail to prove its good or bad.

While many parents out there feel it weird to kiss their young ones on lips as kids at certain age, develop sexual awareness and kiss on their lips can be stimulating to them, many other parents too condemned kissing on kids' lips at any age is not proper.

Therapists across the world too have different opinions on this issue, but almost all of them advise parents to stop kissing when it has to be. Trolls on Instagram went a bit extreme questioning Aishwarya's sexual orientation and few even accused her of sexual abuse.

Mothers, irrespective of culture, share a lot of physical intimacy with kids, but a kiss alone cannot be stimulating if nothing else like tickling, bathing, hugging and cuddling can't be, say few. Calling it inappropriate is different argument from asking the actress's sexual orientation in this context, which is is ridiculously extreme and unacceptable.

There is a different argument, that Aish is imitating the western culture (wherein many parents kiss their teenage kids' too) just for the photograph popularity and paparazzi.