Dil Raju's Judgement Miserably Gone Wrong!

Dil Raju's Judgement Miserably Gone Wrong!

Industry people have huge faith, trust on the judgment of producer-distributor Dil Raju. Many in Tollywood believe that Raju's judgment rarely goes wrong and gives so much value to his selection of scripts and his distribution releases. But looks like, Raju is slowly losing this.

His latest distribution Mehbooba turned out to be major disaster. While a film may work or may not work at the Box Office and it depends on several things. So, one need not blame the producer or its distributor for the film's failure.

However, the point here is Dil Raju's tall claims and his over-the-top praises on director Puri Jagannadh before the release of Mehbooba. Before Mehbooba's release, Dil Raju on record had said he had watched the entire film of Mehbooba much before and bought the film's rights only after impressed with the film. Raju publicly stated that Puri Jagannadh is back. He said Puri has once again proved how good his films can be made if he puts heart and soul into the film. Raju said Puri had written the script of Mehbooba whole-heartedly and declared that the film is going to be a big hit.

This talk of Dil Raju has really raised several expectations on the film. Pre-release buzz on Mehbooba was high. Many in industry thought really Puri would be back hearing Raju's words. But the film has poured cold water on all those hopes. Lack of novel content and slow narrative have dampened the film to the core.

While audiences have rejected the film, Puri is now breathing fire on critics. All these also now surrounding Dil Raju. Looking at all this, one must admit that Raju's judgment has gone miserably wrong.

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