Where Is Mahanati's ''Cheater Satyam'' Now

Where Is Mahanati's ''Cheater Satyam'' Now

Mahesh Achanta, the actor who shot to fame with his character as Ram Charan's close aide in Rangasthalam was seen again in Mahanati in the role of Satyam who cheats Mahanati Savitri in later stage of her life. The character Satyam was shown as a person who joined as a servant in Savitri-Gemini Ganeshan's house and later betrayed the actress financially taking a bank check from her  at the onset of her downfall. In later scenes, he appears in Gorintaku sets, where Mahanati looks at him but he turns his face away from her and leaves the place out of embarrassment.

Now the point of discussion is, who that Satyam was? Where is he now? Is this character real or fictitious?

While some opined that he is none other than a top producer who is known to many others said that he was a financier in later life but not producer. When Gulte.com tried to meet some experts who has command on the life history of Savitri, they said, "The makers have taken many liberties in the film. It was so happened that many people betrayed her. But no name was recorded in history for two reasons- 1. The betrayers couldn't become celebrities later 2. No legal evidences to name them as betrayers. So, the character of Satyam was fictional but he represents the actual happening in Savitri's life".

To sum up, the curtains can now be downed on the speculations about the real life character of the role played by Mahesh Achanta.

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