Why Big Hero Quits From Restaurant Business?

Why Big Hero Quits From Restaurant Business?

Intelligent film stars don't simply rely on the income they get as actors. They also invest in other lucrative businesses and there are many examples from Bollywood to Tollywood. The intelligent and wise film star we are talking about here is also known for being busy with various commercial ads. An interesting thing is revealed about this actor.

He has many businesses and a restaurant is one among those many. The restobar was successful and also had been the 1st choice of many bigwig celebs and rich kids. The place was also known for many after-parties and big fat bachelor parties. The international cuisine available in that place was the hot favorite for many connoisseurs of food. The place used to make huge profits leaving around Rs 10- 15 lakh per month as the star's share.

But all of a sudden the star walked out from this business letting it to someone else. Many wondered why he did so despite seeing profits every month. The reasons are known off late. There used to be some calls from the restaurant staff about the problems with chefs, issues with police department to close the restaurant by 11 PM and resistance from egoistic rich customers as well as many other HR issues regularly. The star decided that it is not worth his time and energies for the peanuts he is getting at the end. So he signed off.

Well, the amount quoted above may be peanuts for the star but that's a awesome income for anybody else, right!

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